M7E Logo 600The mission of the M7 Education and Entrepreneur Center (M7E) is to drive innovation and outcome-based business process into the public education sector. Our unique approach is heavily influenced by best practices in business that are designed to deliver results far beyond traditional academic metrics.

Utilizing established as well as emerging technologies and inspired by fundamental principles of “Enabling” and “Empowering” we supplement core academic achievements with additional disciplines including “soft skills” such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration and so much more.   Our vision is focused on student population that is assessed not by what (K-12) grade they have completed but how well they are prepared to take advantage of the next and future opportunities.

Education cannot be viewed as merely some altruistic endeavor.  The reality is that there are rewards for successful outcomes and consequences for failures, not only for the individual students but also for our communities, our businesses and for our Country as a whole.  Education is not unto itself an answer to the social and economic challenges and opportunities we will always need to address but it is an essential factor in achieving “success”, an essential “component” to a “product” we might call a sustainable and thriving society.

While we can’t equate individuals to inanimate products we apply many business concepts, definitions and practices to the M7E model. We relate discussions of “great companies” to “great schools”; curriculum as an example of process; grade advancement as it might be “work in process”; educators as leaders/managers/mentors; quality as a part of readiness – and the list goes on.

Also included in the process are approaches often embraced by great companies that would include cultures, individual wellness and other factors in the ecosystem that may enhance or potentially damage the “product”.   We look at risk and risk mitigation, continual process improvement and the role of our schools in our communities and society.

Tools are also keys to success – and also in a seemingly constant state of change, often accelerated by technology (hardware, software and services).  The M7E model utilizes tools and methods including:

  • Project-based Learning
  • Individualized Instruction
  • “Flip” Education
  • Remote-enhanced learning, mentoring and support



There is so much more we want you to know about M7E and some of the initiatives and programs we are working on and opportunities for you to engage, support and participate in the vision.  Please contact us at engage@m7education.org to arrange for an introductory call or meeting.